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Two Weeks to Go! Ignite Princeton 2 is coming together in a hurry

January 26, 2011

We have only two weeks to go. We still have room for speakers and room for attendees. For those of you interested in coming, for less than the price of a movie ticket you have the opportunity to network in the wider Princeton community, have your worldview expanded just a little by some very interesting people, and have a laugh (yes, there will be laughter!)

If you are interested in presenting – hard deadlines are coming up at the end of January. Contact us at igniteprinceton [at] gmail [dot] com with your topic of choice.

Note: Will Sanders I received your email. Would love to have you present based on what you describe but your email address bounced back. Please contact us via a different email address if possible or reach out to us via the LinkedIn or Facebook events.


We’re Still Looking for Presenters for March 2

January 30, 2010

Please note that Ignite is focused on sharing your burning ideas – the things that keep you up late at night. the stuff you’d do for free, even if it wasn’t your job. Your obsession. It’s *NOT* the place to be all self promotional or spammy. Presentation ideas that seem too spammy will be rejected, in favor of those that show more passion, interesting-ness, and spark. So be sparky, be irreverent, be fired-up, but please do not be spammy!

Here are some examples of presentation subjects proposed for other Ignite events:

  • Relationship Tips for Nerds Over 35
  • Experimenting with Guerrilla Marketing
  • How To Make Money In Comics
  • Little Green Schoolhouse
  • How to become a Spokesperson in 3 easy steps
  • Art and the Post Mortal Body
  • The Gatekeeper Phenomenon
  • How to be a Great Husband
  • Will the Real Quantum Please Stand Up!
  • How to Write Sketch Comedy
  • Navigating a Future Without Oil
  • Not Created Equal: The history and discernment of plastics in product design
  • Can you survive on $40 a day?
  • Strine: A Language, a Lifestyle, a Philosophy from Down Under
  • And don’t forget to register! Here