Less than a week to go to Ignite Princeton 2

Hello there – greetings from Ignite Princeton HQ. Things are rocking and rolling along for our next Ignite event.

If you haven’t registered, what are you waiting for? A written invitation?
Here’s the link, (yes, it’s a LINK) in case you’ve overlooked it once or twice before.

We are shy of our 10 presenters this go around, but we have a fun evening planned. A Make: event to warm up the early arrivers. Feel free to bring your business cards or PDAs/Address books so you can network. That’s part of the fun of the evening, meeting new people.

We’ll have some great presentations on a wide range of topics – no details until the evening – that’s another part of the fun, too. Needless to say, prepare to meet passionate people passionately presenting. We’ll also throw in a few Ignite Karaoke (an unexpected hit from last year), as well as a new activity or two.

Hey and we are a featured event at Princeton Online, too! We thank the good people at Princeton Online for their generous support.


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