The Countdown to Ignite Princeton!

Ignite Princeton, our first ever Ignite event, has a great slate of presenters. We have over 60 registrants. And a whole evening of networking, sharing, and fun. For those coming tonight. Registration opens at 7:00 pm and the Make:Princeton activities start at 7:30 pm. The Google Maps location is below.

Thanks to the following people for their invaluable assistance in preparing tonight’s festivities:
Vijay Aluwalia, Dipali Desai, David Drew, Christoph Goldenstern, Uday Jain, Jo Johnson, David Kossoff, Kerri Mullen, and last, but by no means least, Mike Smith.

Thanks especially to our presenters for being brave and jumping in with both feet to a new concept:
Mark Birch, Janet Burns, David Drew, Barbara Figge Fox, Paulo Machado, Mike Smith, Andrew Wilkinson. (I’m your host, primary local sponsor, and I’ll be presenting too – Drew Marshall).

Thanks to the Nassau Inn for their venue support. Particularly Marianne Bilsksi and Sean Donoghue

Thanks to our parent sponsor organization O’Reilly and the other big ticket sponsors like Eventbrite, Facebook, Mashable, and some little outfit called Sticker Giant and Force2Be.

Don’t forget to look at for Ignite Presentation recordings in the near future.

Looking forward to meeting those coming tonight. Prepare to be enlightened, bet we’ll make it quick!


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